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Church Life

Church is a community of people who meet together, shgare life together, learn and grow together.   Here are a selction of the activities we encourage .


We encourage everyone to read the Bible, to learn about Jesus, His life and His teaching. 

During the week we have different groups meeting to explore the Bible together.  You are welcome to join us as well, to explore how the Bible speaks to life, and what Jesus teaches us about how to live well.

Please message us for a list of groups and times.

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Each week we have a number of groups and activities that take place, some in the Kingsway Chapel building, others at various other locations. Normally  these include Toddler Groups, Children’s activities, as well as coffee groups and study groups.  Here is a brief introduction:


Prayer is simply talking with God. Talking and communication is at the heart of all relationships, and this is true about our relationships with God. We encourage everyone to talk to God, to ask Him questions, ask for help, and listen for His reply! 


When we meet people in need we naturally want to ask Jesus to join the conversation – and because we know He is able to help us, we ask Him! 

If you would like to know more about how to pray, or if you would like us to pray with you, please get in touch.  It is amazing what God does when we ask Him.


Jesus talked about giving us an “abundant life”, a life filled with purpose and meaning. We want to encourage everyone to experience a life marked with love, peace and joy. Sound like something you are interested in?

Study Group
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