About us

Kingsway Chapel traces its roots back to the early 1900’s when we used to meet in a hut near Chester railway station.

As the city of Chester grew and expanded, the church took the opportunity to move to the current site on Kingsway at the heart of the new community of Kingsway / Newton. It was at this time in 1964 that we adopted the name Kingsway Chapel.

Over the years the physical building has grown and developed to serve the growing and various needs of the community. 

We would describe ourselves using three words: independent, evangelical, charismatic. We are independent in that we are not part of a denomination, and are governed by our own Trust. We are evangelical in our understanding of the place of the Bible, and the importance of sharing with everyone the abundant life we have found in Jesus. We are charismatic in that we know God is with us by the Holy Spirit, who guides us, helps us, and gifts us in our life with God.

We have found that Psalm 34 verse 8 is particularly helpful to us in expressing our hope and faith in Jesus. It says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” We have found this to be true – this is our experience – and we would love to share this good news with you!

As a church we are led by a Leadership Team, which includes our Pastor and Evangelist. Together they take responsibility for the day to day running of Kingsway Chapel. 

Geoff Thompson


Geoff joined Kingsway Chapel as our Pastor in 2003. He is married, with children and grand-children. He enjoys exploring the Bible and how it speaks to life and faith and is always happy to chat about Jesus and life over a coffee or a cup of tea.

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Alan Saunders


Alan joined us in 2020, having spent the last few years serving as a traveling Evangelist across Europe. His heart is to see people encounter Jesus and discover a life with God that transforms us. This comes out of his own experience of how God changed his life, and having seen God work the same miracle in other people

LeadershiP Team
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Jenny Mvula
Tristan Cooke
Velko Nachov
Kingsway Chapel

Legally we are registered as a Charitable Incoporated Organisation (CIO) and have a group of trustees who are responsible to make sure we comply with all of our legal obligations.